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Mutants & Humans have been living alongside each other for a very long time, but their relationship has typically been less than harmonious. In Seoul, South Korea, mutants choose between being a Gashin, Gwishin, Rogue & Haechi as they try to stay out of the dreaded Mutant Containment Bureau’s (MCB) grasp. Create a character & choose your fate. When registering please register Last Name, First Name if Eastern, and First Name, Last Name if they're western. Please note we require last names.

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 First Timers/FAQ, First time users check here!
 Posted: Apr 2 2014, 04:29 PM

Advanced Member

Nicknames / Spider-Man

Age / 23

Occupation / Don't ask

Codename /

Powers /

FC /


/ / She/Her

first time users & faq
For some of you this may be the first time that you are using a site like this and it may be a bit overwhelming. Trust me, I know. So this is an area for you to get to know the site and the html involved. If you do not see an answer below feel free to PM one of the admins and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Site Questions

Do I need to know anything about X-Men to RP here?: Absolutely not! This site is based on superpowers and is not limited to one faction or comic universe. We use it as a basis but your characters do not have to be X-Men or Marvel related at all.

Do you have sub-accounts here?: Yes. You may link up your accounts by going to my controls, my sub-accounts, and then entering the name and password of your other registered characters.

Do I have to use a different email and password for my other accounts?: You can keep both and just register your other characters.

What are face claims?: Face claims are, simply, when you pick an entertainer to be the face of you character. It will be the basis for your graphics and will help members know who you are RPing right now.

Okay, I have made my claims... Now what?: Now you go to the application section, get the HTML for your application post and begin filling it out.

I finished my application but haven't got accepted or denied yet. Is something wrong?: The admins do have lives outside of the sites but we will certainly try to give you an answer within 24 hours. If you have not received one within 3 days then feel free to politely PM one of us to call it to our attention!

What kind of face can I use for my characters?: We only accept real people/celebrities as face claims so please refrain from using any characters from an anime, video game, animated movie, etc.

Can I have a bisexual/ homosexual/ asexual/ transgender/ genderqueer/etc. character?: Yes, by all means. We welcome any and all types of characters with open arms here.


How do I put pictures into my application?: There are plenty of upload sites that you can use to get the url for your application but we recommend TinyPic or Imgur.


Oh no! My pictures are to big! What do I do? How do I resize them?: If you do not have an editing program of any kind you can use LunaPic.


Why are the member posts so fancy? And how do I make mine look like that?: Many of the members use templates to help make their posts look organized and pretty. Though it is not a requirement to use these templates, we highly encourage them. This is just one example of where you can get these templates: SHINE.

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