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Mutants & Humans have been living alongside each other for a very long time, but their relationship has typically been less than harmonious. In Seoul, South Korea, mutants choose between being a Gashin, Gwishin, Rogue & Haechi as they try to stay out of the dreaded Mutant Containment Bureau’s (MCB) grasp. Create a character & choose your fate. When registering please register Last Name, First Name if Eastern, and First Name, Last Name if they're western. Please note we require last names.

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 The Rules
 Posted: May 15 2014, 05:00 PM

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Nicknames / Spider-Man

Age / 23

Occupation / Don't ask

Codename /

Powers /

FC /


/ / She/Her

the rules!
Registration: When registering your character, please make sure you are registering the name properly. If you are using an Eastern Name it should be Last Name->First Name. If registering a Western name; First Name->Last Name. This should all be in lowercase. Also, please try not to use the same first name of a character already registered. If the name is already being used we will ask you kindly to change the name. However, if the name is being used but your character goes by a nickname, we will allow that.

Face Claims: Please do not claim your face only until after your character has been accepted. If you're worried the face will be taken during the wait you may reserve it for three days. However, if the face you're interested in has been taken you'll have to find a new face to use. If you're face is being reserved by someone else, please wait until after the reserve date is up, then the face is up for grabs. For character requests, do not take the face unless you're taking the request. If you're so set on using the face, please talk to the member to see if they'll allow you to use the face. If you cannot reach the member, contact one of the the admins and we'll get you in contact with the member.

Group Face Claims: We understand people have their favorite groups they want to use their faces from but please keep the faces to two faces from a group. (Ex.: If you want to use EXO faces, you can only claim two. This also goes for smaller groups like Mamamoo.) This is to prevent group-face hogging and to keep it fair to new members and the current members. Current members with more then two do not have to delete their characters due to their characters being accepted before the rule was established.

Powers: You can only have up to three powers and MUST have a weakness. Please keep note that we do have a power list and please look at it before taking the power since some members do not wish to share their abilities. Please make sure your powers are related in some way and you're not grabbing random powers to make your character overpowered.

Switching Sides: We do allow characters to change the groups. However, in order for this to happen, you must show one of the admins where they switch groups, give us an explanation for switching. Just pm us with the thread this happens in and tell us what group you'd like them to be moved to.

Activity: We ask that you only make as many characters as you are able to handle. If that means you can handle 15 characters, please by all means make 15 characters (keeping in mind our Character count rules). Just be sure to keep all of your characters active. There will be activity checks performed to weed out members and characters who are no longer active. So please keep your activity up. We do understand that life can get in the way, if for any reason this happens, simply post in the OCC to alert admins as well as other members. It is simple courtesy. Word Count- We do have a minimum of 200 words. This is simply because we do not want one liner replies. One liners do not help to evolve to story of the site, or the characters stories. The exceptions to this rule are the Cell and Instant Messanger thread.

OTMs: When nominating characters for otm (member of the month, etc.) do not nominate your own characters. When it comes to voting, do not vote for your character unless all the nominations within the category is your own character. When your character has been nominated you MUST vote, even if your characters weren't nominated it's nice to keep up with activity and take part in the voting and we strongly encourage everyone to vote. It's very simple and only takes 2 seconds. If your character has been nominated and you haven't voted, we will remove your character's name from nominations.

Site Rating: Our site is rated R. This means there is swearing, violence, and sexual situations. If you are creating a thread, or a thread develops into a mature setting we ask that you mark the title of the thread with a “[M]” (m=mature) to warn other members on the rating. While not every thread will be rated R, many will. Please keep this in mind when registering with your character.

Respect: Above all, respect everyone on this site. This goes back to the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. We will respect you as long as you respect us. Rude comments will not be tolerated, and you will be banned.

C-Box Rules: The Cbox is a privilege, not a right. This goes back to respect. If you cannot be respectful in the Cbox you will be given a warning. If it continues, you will be banned. Please be mature enough o realize that conflicts with characters, does not mean conflict with the character’s creator. Our characters are our babies, and we understand that, but we are also aware of the fact our characters are not us. Not all characters will get along, that does not mean that our members cant get along. We encourage everyone to be aware of the fact this fact.

Character Count: While we do not have a character count, we do ask that after the creation of 2 characters, you have AT LEAST 15 posts (including cell, and instant message threads) for EACH of your original two characters, before a new character will be accepted. Also, after your second mutant, you must make an MCB or Human. You may also not be allowed to post requests for a character that wasn't created yet only until after they were accepted.

Extensive Plots: We wish for you guys to create amazing plots, but when it comes to taking over large areas that's something HUGE. In this case we highly recommend you to post your idea to the site plot suggestions. However, if you're unsure if your plot is huge, we do like having your idea pmed to one of the admins to be looked over and we'll let you know if it can pass or not as a regular plot. Walking around the park at night targeting one or two people, a few amount without making a scene, is not a huge plot.

God Modding: Okay we've caught a few people doing this and we're pretty sure they're not doing it on purpose. Just a reminder, a member can only control their own character, they can not control others unless given permission. Example: If Isa and I do a thread between Mee Ha and Miya, I can't say Mee Ha ran away from Miya. I have to type up something like Miya trying to scare Mee Ha then I have to wait for Isa's reply to see how Mee Ha reacts. So no God Modding please!

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