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Mutants & Humans have been living alongside each other for a very long time, but their relationship has typically been less than harmonious. In Seoul, South Korea, mutants choose between being a Gashin, Gwishin, Rogue & Haechi as they try to stay out of the dreaded Mutant Containment Bureau’s (MCB) grasp. Create a character & choose your fate. When registering please register Last Name, First Name if Eastern, and First Name, Last Name if they're western. Please note we require last names.

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 The Plot
 Posted: Apr 2 2014, 04:05 PM

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Nicknames / Spider-Man

Age / 23

Occupation / Don't ask

Codename /

Powers /

FC /


/ / She/Her

the plot!
It's present day Seoul, not much has changed except for the beginning of a new race. Humans fear the steadily growing Mutant population who find shelter wherever they can. Some mutants find the lone Rogue life comforting while others join one of the three already established factions.

Gashins fight for peace and do their best to blend in with society. They go to school like humans, work like humans, and do their best to lead normal lives alongside them. They reside on Eopsin Island, leaving their Haven to be taken over by their guilty counterparts.

Gwishins, they use their abilities for personal gain to try and live their lives to the fullest. They don't care about rules, they break them and even take lives. They want humans to fea them.

That leaves the Haechi as the last faction. The mixed group of mutants and humans working together in secret to try and save the lives of mutants. They hide wherever they can in order to live and try to overthrow the MCB.

Then there is the MCB (Mutant Containment Bureau). They are on the hunt for any and all mutants, capturing them for testing and even creating weapons of their own. Seoul is going mad with the hunt on mutants.

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