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Mutants & Humans have been living alongside each other for a very long time, but their relationship has typically been less than harmonious. In Seoul, South Korea, mutants choose between being a Gashin, Gwishin, Rogue & Haechi as they try to stay out of the dreaded Mutant Containment Bureau’s (MCB) grasp. Create a character & choose your fate. When registering please register Last Name, First Name if Eastern, and First Name, Last Name if they're western. Please note we require last names.

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 The Groups
 Posted: Apr 2 2014, 04:04 PM

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Nicknames / Spider-Man

Age / 23

Occupation / Don't ask

Codename /

Powers /

FC /


/ / She/Her

the groups!
Is your character a regular human, or perhaps a genius billionaire play boy philanthropist?

Human: Now we're not saying that a human has to fear mutants. Sure, they should be aware that they do hold great power and can be dangerous, but it's not required. Your person can be your average human working a standard job, or they could be some genius who builds groundbreaking inventions the MCB are trying to get their grubby hands on.

Gashin: Representing good, this group of mutants was originally located in Seoul. However, due to a raid by the MCB they were forced to evacuate their home for their own safety. Gashins aim to coexist with humans, but at this time they understand that it's not that time just yet. Their new location is located on Eopsin Island. They live there, train with their abilities, but they're forced to return to Seoul to continue their education and continue possible relationships they have with humans or even other mutants.

Gwishin: While there is good, there's also evil, the Gwishin. The Gwishins use their powers however they see fit. They get enjoyment out of it. Their main goal is to ultimately be in charge, humans bowing to them. Gwishins fear nothing but their leader and wouldn't dare to go against his command. They are located in the abandoned Gashin Haven, taking home makeover to a whole new level.

Rogue: The Rogues are those who choose to not take sides. They don't know which way to go and decide to just stick to the phrase, 'me, myself, and I'. Most rogues tend to live in a state of constant fear of showing their abilities; Either afraid to get captured, afraid to hurt other, or both. They also try to blend in with society.

Haechi: The Haechi is a group made up of humans and mutants. The live together and wish to bring peace, but they don't have the exact resources to live freely as well as taken on the MCB. Some live underground, while some Haechi Humans give cover to those hiding. They're a band of misfits trying to make a mark on the MCB without a plan.

MCB: The Mutant Containment Bureau. They capture mutants, preferring to let them rot in special containment cells or handing them over to the MCB scientists where they perform all sorts of nasty tests in order to create their own weapons for the army. Most MCB agents seem to despise mutants, believing they have too much power to be reasonably controllable. Some even seem they would rather kill mutants than keep them alive and harmlessly contained. The only mutants within the MCB would be the ones of the Task Force, put into place and controlled by the General and Colonel due to an explosive chip in each one of these mutants.

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